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Urological/Sexual Function Compounding


Sexual Dysfunction is becoming a very important issue these days as more is known about the causes and effects. There are more products that are readily available today to treat dysfunction and to enhance function. We can compound to your specific needs.

Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) has really brought attention to sexual function in a big way. However the major complaint we hear most often is how long it takes to act.

Sildenafil Suspension: We remove the blue coating from the Viagra tablet (which delays how fast it starts working). In powder form, it works much faster and actually tastes pleasant too.

Sildenafil Troche: Many of these are available on the internet, but ours contains a full 40mg of Sildenafil Citrate per troche and some really great flavors are available as well!

Sildenafil Rapidly Dissolving Tablet (RDT): This is the newest formulation if you want very fast results! Since Sildenafil Citrate is typically bitter, our RDTs only take 10-15 seconds to dissolve in your mouth!

Sildenafil/Phentolamine RDT: Reported to be the latest rage and works where others don't.